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Nordic Music Days 2020 in the Faroe Islands – Røtur / Rødder / Roots


Nordic Music Days 2020 takes place in the Faroe Islands on 24-27 September and will be based on three themes:

  • Roots that nourish the work
  • Nordic meetings across opening new spaces and creating opportunities for the music to develop
  • The local and the global interacting with each other

It is the desire of the curator team to create a four-day festival that shows the diversity of new compositional music with an extra focus on performative and installation music as well as site-specific sound art. The festival will also host a film program, including films focusing on composers and music in the Nordic region.

Meetings between the audience and different formats form Nordic Music Days 2020. It is our vision to create a strong and present experience for the public, where the sensuous focus is at the center. We put emphasize on the festival's formats involving the audience and we are particularly interested in works that focus on the social space that music can create, leaving tracks for the benefit of the Faroese society.

In other words ... meet yourself through the other. We emphasize interaction between Nordic artists, interaction between artists and the audience, and interaction audiences amongst. We wish to create a nice musical space for people to meet. A space where the breeding ground is provided for the roots to form larger roots, of which new music grows, and where the unique music traditions of the Faroe Islands* and the participating artists' own deep roots can be mutually nourished

The curator team of Nordic Music Days 2020 consists of the composers Tine Louise Kortermand (DK), Gunnar Karel Másson (IS), Sunleif Rasmussen (FO), and Anne Boukris (DK) audience curator.

* The unique music traditions of the Faroe Islands from a historical point of view.

The Faroe Islands were not culturally poor or 'distressed'. In fact, the oral tradition was unusually rich and diverse, and one reason for this was that Faroese as a written language did not exist before 1854 and was not accepted by the Danish authorities until 1938. All stories, legends, songs and ballads were handed over orally, and people had to memorize in order to take part in this tradition, which today contains most of the Faroese cultural heritage.

In addition, seclusion played a crucial role; Since there were no musical instruments of significance until the mid-1800s, the voice was the only musical instrument available, which resulted in song being deeply rooted in the national identity. The most unique cultural feature is the chain dance, which was originally a medieval ring dance.

Today we call it the Faroese dance, and rightly so, as it has only managed to survive in the Faroe Islands. The rhythm is a bit quirky, and the songs of kings and heroes may have hundreds of verses. A lead singer leads the song and everyone sings along at the chorus. The symbolism of the chain dance is an unbroken ring of people from all layers of society who hold hands and meet face-to-face while sharing the moment in true communion.


Nordic Music Days 2020 calls on artists associated with the Nordic countries - the Faroe Islands, Greenland, Iceland, Åland, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark - to submit proposals to the festival's program within three categories with associated criteria.

It is a prerequisite for being considered that your idea meets one or more of the criteria for the category to which your proposal relates.

You are welcome to submit ideas to several categories, but you can only submit a single proposal per category.


I. You can aim your work (installation, vocal work, instrumental work or performance) at one of the festival's venues: The Nordic House, the Cathedral in Tórshavn, Tórsgøta, The Sculpture Garden in connection with Listasavn Føroya / The National Gallery of the Faroe Islands, private homes (house concerts) and the Church, the ruin and the hunting lodge in Kirkjubøur.

See map and descriptions of venues

When it comes to instrumental and vocal works, all ensemble types are welcome. Nordic Music Days 2020 will engage the ensembles needed for performing the selected works. You can submit an existing work or an idea for a new work.

II. Your work can be based on the theme "Røtur – roots” and can involve inspiration from traditional Faroese “kvad”. See a selection of kvad here: link to melody database

III. Your work must leave an imprint on the Faroe Islands via:

  • A conversation
  • A paradigm shift
  • A new collaboration
  • Establishment of networks
  • A feeling
  • A strong concept


Ideas for projects created in collaboration with Faroese partners during a stay in the Faroe Islands prior to the festival. You must aim your idea at one of four defined collaborations:

I. Installations in empty spaces, especially newly built apartments and shops, in the new district of Hoyvik in cooperation with a local school. Besides the performance of the workshop, the artist performs with her or his own work, where the workshop participants and others are invited as the audience.

II. Project with Faroese Kingo singers based on the unique song tradition and way of singing hymns. Kingo-singing is a unique Faroese way of singing hymns. The name comes from the Danish hymn writer Thomas Kingo, who has written the texts for the hymns that are sung in this particular manner. Kingo-singing is always unaccompanied and it has been preserved mainly in churches where there is no organ or no organ player. Tjørnuvík especially is known for Kingo-singing. See a selection of hymns here

III. Project with Glasir - Gymnasium in Tórshavn - created in collaboration with the students. Besides the performance of the workshop, the artist performs with her or his own work, where the workshop participants are invited as the audience.

IV. Residency during the Children’s Festival in the Nordic House – April 2020. The Nordic House programmes a 10-day long children’s culture festival annually in April. In 2020 the festival will take place 18-26 April. The residency during the children’s festival should involve working with children and/or teenagers either in the Nordic House or at their local nurseries/schools. The result of the residency or a product (performance/installation/exhibition) based on the work done during the residency will be shown during Nordic Music Days. 


Talks, movies, workshops etc. related to one of the following headings:

I. Music in learning contexts with children as the audience

II. Film and sound tracks relating to the Nordic Region

III. Choreography - Dance (Sound - Movement – song)

IIII. Other ways into the creative process


Contact general manager of the Danish Composers’ Society, Sine Tofte Hannibal, sth@komponistforeningen.dk / +45 30263719



Only works by artists from or living in the Nordic region are accepted. Submissions only allowed directly into this site.

  1. Create a user account
  2. Submit artist information
  3. Submit idea information
  4. Add a 120-word description
  5. Upload the score / installation drawings / detailed info as a PDF file as well as sound / video excerpts.

Live or studio recordings (audio/video) are preferred in order to get the right impression of the artist’s professional work but is not required. It’s not the quality of the recording, but the artistic quality of the work that we focus on. Direct links and other documentation can be added. If you propose a new idea not made or composed yet, please add a live recording or a released piece of your own former work assembling your idea.

One proposal per category per artist is allowed. Please contact your national composers’ society for further information or assistance with converting files or scanning scores.


DEADLINE for submissions is September 11th 2019


Contact Katrine Gregersen Dal, The Danish Composers Society, kgd@komponistforeningen.dk / +45 25942507

Nordic Music Days 2020 takes place in the Faroe Islands on 24-27 September 2020 and is organized by Felagið Føroysk Tónaskøld / The Association of Faroese Composers and Dansk Komponistforening / The Danish Composers Society in cooperation with Nordens Hus/The Nordic House in the Faroe Islands for the Council of Nordic Composers.